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What is Direct Selling? Who are Direct Sellers? How does Direct Selling benefit European consumers? If you’re thinking about giving Direct Selling a try, chances are you have a list of questions. We encourage you to do your research, talk to other direct sellers and consider all your options.

To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the latest facts and figures on Direct Selling to give you a clear picture of what it’s all about.

Did you know that the very first vacuum cleaners
were marketed and sold via Direct Selling?

Working in Direct Selling are Women

satisfied with their direct selling activity

8 in 10
are involved in direct selling because they believe in the quality of the products they distribute

9 in 10
are likely to continue with their main company

4 in 5
are likely to recommend their company to a friend

7 in 10
agree that direct selling has helped improve their self-esteem and confidence

Source: Ipsos Mori Survey for Seldia, 2018

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