Direct Selling Stories

1 on 1 with Direct Sellers and their Customers

From starting your own business to the ability to work from home or earn some extra income on the side. Everyone has their own personal reasons for becoming Direct Sellers.

Seldia sits down with a number of direct sellers and their customers to talk about what motivates them, how they’ve personally benefited from Direct Selling and to see what advice they have for others thinking about giving it a try.


Consumer / Captain Tortue

Ce que j'adore déjà c'est que ma conseillère vienne chez moi, donc comme on a la boutique à domicile, on n'a pas besoin de faire garder les enfants puisqu'on peut les avoir avec nous.


Direct Seller / Captain Tortue

I really can do this around my children: some days I will work from home and customers will come to me, on other days I have pop up shops with customers at their place.
You can tailor-made the business to suit your circumstances.

Lisa's Journey   

What direct sellers said about their job...



I wanted to earn some extra money. I needed a source of income that would not interfere with my school. I believed in Oriflame Opportunities.



I want to start a family and in Oriflame I see the huge opportunity how to work and enjoy time with my future children.



I joined as a student to earn some extra money. I never expected that I would find a business partner for life.

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